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G Chronicles MECHAGODZILLA by megagirus07 G Chronicles MECHAGODZILLA by megagirus07

height: 50 meters
weight: 40,000 tons
species: Simion gojira
Birthplace: Third Planet of the Black Hole

BIO:Rising from a hurled volcanic rock, Godzilla, it seemed, had once again returned to his malevolent ways. Waging a campaign of destruction against humanity, this fake Godzilla leveled anything that stood in its path. Not even Anguirus could stop its power. The quadruped reptile, though, being able to see through the hidden MechaGodzilla's disguise was powerless to halt its wrath. Receiving a grisly broken jaw, the kaiju was forced to flee, leaving the fake Godzilla to once again push deeper into Japan's mainland.

By nightfall the machine had arrived at a refinery. Using its golden hued flamethrower breath, the demon set the area aflame. Unfortunately for it, though, the real Godzilla had sensed its presence and came forth to battle. Fighting with fierce determination, the real Godzilla tore and blasted away chunks of the doppelganger's rubber skin. He was perplexed by the unusual affect his attacks had against the foe, but his questions were soon to be answered. The Black Hole aliens, which had constructed this hellish instrument of terror, burned away the guise and revealed to Godzilla and the world the true Mechagodzilla. With gleaming ember eyes and radiant armored skin, Mechagodzilla wasted absolutely no time in proving its power. Following its commands, the titan immediately unleashed waves of finger rockets and laser eye beams. Godzilla was tossed for a loop and thrown to the ground like a child's toy. Never had the giant ever been assaulted with such force. Yet silent rage burned in his being, and the reptile stood again to fight. Answering Godzilla's sea blue nuclear breath, the machine unleashed its eye beams. Both godly forces struck, pushing back and forth; however, only one outcome was possible. The cosmic forces exploded with ear shattering force, knocking both competitors to the earth. Godzilla fell into the bay, leaving only a churning swirl of blood to mark its presence, while Meachagodzilla suffered major damage to its head control unit, forcing the aliens to recall and repair their war machine.

Recalling it back to their Okinawa base, repairs on the robot became time consuming. So, to hasten the problems, they forced a human scientist named Hideto Miyajima, whom who had some knowledge of the alien technology, to fix it. A few days passed before they launched their weapon once again. This time, though, humanity was prepared. Awaking the legendary protector god, King Caesar, the prophecy, carved in the Azumi Royal Family's cave that told of an epic war, was becoming a reality. The two monsters fought heatedly, but not even the giant golem like kaiju could overcome the metal warrior. Giving ground, it looked as if the god like creature was to be defeated, that is until Godzilla broke through the bay's surface. Marching inland, Godzilla seethed with a madding fury. Turning the conflict now to a two on one, it wasn't long before the monsters were able to overcome the omnipotent strength of the machine. MechaGodzilla exploded into countless pieces of shrapnel after Godzilla had torn off its head, ending the alien's plans for the time being. As there were three Godzilla’s there were three Mecha Godzilla’s to add on. The first was controlled by the Simians along with the serpent colossus Titanosaurus but was soundly beat by his brother and King Shisa. The second was created by G Force using the remains of the first this one was demolished by Godzilla and Rodan in 1993. The third built from the remains of MG 1 was known as Kiryu.

NOTE: Mecha G would be called to action once more in 2014

-MechaGodzilla can release multi colored, deadly beams of energy out of his optics, these beams can rip into extremely strong monsters with ease.

-can fire a powerful laser of electrical energy capable of splitting mountains from his chest.

-MechaGodzilla can fire deadly missiles from his fingers, knees, throat and toes.

-MechaGodzilla is covered in Space Titanium armor that can withstand heavy attacks, both physical and energy based.

-MechaGodzilla can generate a strong energy shield via the rotation of his head that can block him from physical and energy based attacks.

-MechaGodzilla can fire shock anchors from his wrists that can sent electric currents into the target once sunk in.

-MechaGodzilla can fire the mega-buster ray from his mouth. This is MechaGodzilla's primary attack and can be used to deal heavy damage to opposing monsters.

-MechaGodzilla can absorb heat and radioactive energy and use it to do the plasma grenade in his stomach, this beam can kill Rodan is just a few hits and severely wound creatures like Godzilla.

-also known as Kiryu

-can fire three, supercharged masers from his chest that can combine to form the Hyper Maser, a powerful burst of energy capable of inflicting massive damage

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Sadorapus Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
This looks very much like KingShisa08's Super Mechagodzilla.
rodimus45 Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
it has a thick tail
megagirus07 Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
to strike enemies with pile driver force
rodimus45 Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
Woah! Nice design!
megagirus07 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
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